You could say that Dr. Palmer's path to chiropractic and natural health began at birth.  She was born with a condition that would have rendered her unable to walk.  Her parents took the suggestions of some friends who recommended they first try chiropractic care instead of surgery on their baby daughter.  

The chiropractic treatments successfully reversed her condition and she went on to participate in gymnastics, collegiate soccer, and even professional women's football.  Throughout her life, the chiropractic made it possible for her to achieve her athletic success and fueled her life's ambition.  In 1992, Dr. Palmer accepted a scholarship from the University of Florida to work in its Division 1 football athletic training department.  

After receiving her bachelor's degree from the College of Health and Human performance, she accepted a scholarship to work with Life University's NAIA men's soccer team while attending chiropractic school.  Dr. Palmer completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California.  She served as an athletic trainer to the men's ice hockey team.  Attending chiropractic school in the Bay Area enabled her to work with surfers, mountain bikers, and other extreme sports.